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3 Simple Upper Abdominal Exercises


You just started your regular exercise, but you are still perplexed by the various workout machines and fitness programs available. In other words, choosing a mix of exercises that can perfectly suit your needs can be quite confusing. In the case of those who wants to cut down their weight, upper abdominal exercises are a great choice.

Just like most regular exercises, upper abdominal exercises for weight loss are divided into three types: General Physical Activity, Resistance and Aerobic exercises.

General Physical Activities simply refer to exercises an individual gets from taking the effort in moving the body during daily tasks. In a society where many people have become sedate and lazy on a physical level, this upper abdominal exercise is crucial. General physical activities are actually anaerobic exercises that involves a lot of arm exercises. To help you get started, here are few tips:

  • Walk everyday.  For every 4-10 minute walks around your neighborhood, at the mall or anywhere else, your body burns 100-150 calories daily. However, that depends on your gender, weight and how fast you walk. 
  • Play a sport. Instead of watching your favorite basketball, tennis or football games on TV, why not play them as well? Experience how it feels like to be in the shoes of your favorite athletes by participating in any sports activities within your community. Let the fun of competing with others help you get the weight-loss exercise you need.
  • Take a walk at the stairs. Stair climbing is a good anaerobic exercise that helps strengthen your leg muscles. Here’s a little reminder: when climbing the stairs, avoid wearing slippery footwear (such as high-heeled stilettos for women) otherwise accidents may happen.

Resistance exercises are a series of rigorous fat-burning activities, but it does not guarantee the muscle strengthening you want. Few examples of resistance exercises for weight loss includes push-ups, pull-ups, use of weight training machines, leg lifts, crunches, Pilates and other floor exercises. Tip: Doing 20 – 30 minutes of resistance exercises (2-3 times weekly) is a good weight loss regimen.

Aerobic exercises generally focuses on improving the body’s respiration and heart rate. This simple weight loss exercise is classified into two types: Low Impact and High Impact. Walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling, rowing, water aerobics and use of elliptical training machines are examples of low impact exercises. Dancing, kickboxing, tennis and basketball meanwhile are examples of high impact exercises. 

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