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Some Potent Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss

Chinese Herb

Those who are losing weight and want to try out some alternative methods may resort to Chinese herbs for weight loss. The Western approach to weight loss is through dieting and exercising. The Oriental approach utilizes herbs that are said to help people lose weight. The following Chinese herbs – which seem secret to many but which can be really potent – can be helpful to someone who wants an adjunct to weight loss (NOTE – Consult a doctor first before taking any of these herbs. When unsupervised, taking them may cause some side effects. When in doubt about their safety, do not take them at all.):

1. Ginseng – One of the most well-known Chinese herbs for weight loss, it functions like many foods that could accelerate weight loss. Ginseng can increase the energy level of a person, so he or she can exercise more vigorously per session, which in turn leads to increased calorie burning and increased weight loss. Those who take ginseng feel like that they are being recharged every day and often begin enjoying exercise activities because of their newfound stamina. Also, ginseng can increase the body's stress and anxiety tolerance, thus enabling it to counteract exhaustion caused by daily activities like exercise.

2. Green Tea – One of the most popular and often commercially available Chinese herbs for weight loss, it contains plenty of nutrients that most regular Chinese tea do not contain. (In regular Chinese tea, the leaves are black instead of green, because of fermentation, and the black tea, when processed, loses a substantial amount of nutrients.) Green tea has some thermogenic effect – it can burn fat itself. The long-term benefits of green tea, however, are what leads it to become a prized weight loss beverage. It contains antioxidants and cathechins that enhance metabolism and make body cells less susceptible to damage (which fats circulating in the blood can cause).

3. Wulong Tea – Before mealtime, a warm cup of wulong tea can provide the same benefits that green tea provides. It can raise the metabolic rate and make energy more readily available to the body. Moreover, it can also prevent fat from staying too long in the intestines, thus disabling the intestines from absorbing too plenty of fat.

4. Ginger – While it is known as an ingredient in plenty of recipes, when turned into tea, it can stimulate digestive muscles, thus enabling more efficient digestion of nutrients that can boost metabolism and maintain the body's fit shape. It can also increase basal metabolic rate (metabolic rate at rest) and decrease blood cholesterol levels.

5. Condonopsis – It is a mushroom that can boost metabolism and increase energy levels.

These Chinese herbs for weight loss are not really secret – they are known to the weight loss industry for many years, but they seem to be so secretive because we have been so used to the traditional Western approach to weight loss, so now is the time to consider Chinese herbs that could complement what we usually do to lose weight.

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