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Home Weight Loss Camps for Teens


There are a considerable number of weight loss camps for teens which include activities that not only help the struggling teenager lose weight but also to bring back the self-esteem they once had when they were still healthy. Weight loss camps for teens can benefit teens in plenty of ways.

Weight loss camps for teens are conducted far from the regular teenager setting, one filled with computers and television, so teenagers can build up a worthwhile relationship with their camp counsellors and with other teenagers with whom they can share their problems with and share help resolving them.

Also, because they are held far from the marketplace of unhealthy foods, weight loss camps for teens can expose them to a lifestyle devoid of the health-wrecking foods – junk foods, chips, fatty meats, and all – and brings them to a place where mealtimes teem with fruits, vegetables, and high-protein meat products.

They can also exercise properly, because there is no chance at all for the usual sedentary inducements of computers and TV. They may also enjoy exercise routines with their peers around the camp – and their vigorous experience can be so contagious that they can carry it out after the camp and then tell their other friends what they have learned when they come home.

If that is the case – well – why not just conduct weight loss camps for teens at home? A family can conduct, let's say, a week-long weight loss camp for their children, where the parents will cover every aspect of their children's health, from dieting to exercise to activity level to motivation:

1) Family meals will include the staples – fruits, vegetables, and protein. No junk food at all.
2) Exercise is tailored for everyone's stamina, and children can run, jog, bike, or play sports they like.
3) Activity level is maintained such that the children are always kept moving around, not stuck in a bed and slacking off the entire day.
4) Finally, the children are motivated to lose weight by their parents (who may have weight themselves, since there are confirmed genetic predispositions to being overweight or obese).

There need be no changes in the home's structure – there are only changes in routine.

Conducting weight loss camps for teens at home has one main advantage. In a traditional weight loss camp, the camp usually make little follow-up with the participants. At home, where the camp counsellors are the parents themselves, they can follow-up on their children's weight even after their home-brewed camp. Thus weight loss camps for teens, when held at home, provide perpetual health benefits.

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